Things on my mind in 2015

I’m attempting to restart my blogging efforts in 2015. For this first post, I wanted to capture the major technologies that are on my mind:

Golang - after developing some decent sized projects in Python, I really appreciate Go’s static typing. I love the channel concept and easy ability to duck type. Here’s hoping we get a Go debugger in 2015!

Docker - I’ve been excited about Docker for almost a year now. The latest tools around Docker clustering (Docker Swarm) and Docker orchestration (Fig) further my enthusiasm.

Microservices - I’m finally getting an opportunity to build a 24/7 service at work, and am beginning to appreciate the power of microservice architectures like those at Netflix.

Deep Belief Networks – I’ve been a fan of Neural Networks since my undergrad days more than a decade ago. The advancements in training deep neural networks has revolutionized domains such as speech and object recognition. I’m excited to learn more about this and other Machine Learning algorithms during 2015.

I wish everyone a fantastic 2015!