Hello World!

My plan is to use this blog to capture my latest thoughts on distributed systems and mobile computing. I’m also planning to post related papers and links to relevant articles. Specifically, the topics I intend to cover include:

  1. Traditional techniques for building scalable and reliable web applications (e.g. sharding, replication)
  2. SQL databases in general, and MySQL in particular
  3. NoSQL databases (I’m a big fan of MongoDB)
  4. Large scale data processing (via MapReduce or Hadoop)
  5. Data Storage topics (e.g. HDFS, BigTable, GFS)
  6. Cloud Computing (e.g. EC2, Google App Engine)
  7. Asynchronous Programming (ala NodeJS)
  8. Programming Languages
  9. HTML5, CSS, JSON and Javascript
  10. Tools to measure network and application performance (including stress testing.)
  11. Dealing with spatial data (storage and retrieval, visualizations, etc.)

On the mobile computing front, I plan to post on Android and iOS development. Apart from general application development, I’m most excited about augmented reality applications, location-based apps, 3D and TV integration.

I hope the information on this blog will be useful to others. For myself, I hope to get better at my craft and master the art of systems building.

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